Series – Unexpected: How to be an Encourager

How to be an Encourager: the Value of Recognizing Others Around You

How would your life be without the people around you? How would it look like without the support of family/friends/neighbors? Have you ever considered how much of who and what you are, you owe to the people around you? Have you ever thanked and encouraged them for this?… Read more here

Love God, love others

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Series – Mentors Wanted: We all need Mentors

Mentors Wanted: the Importance of Role Models

We all want to grow. We all want to reach our full potential in life. We grow through experience, gaining knowledge and learning how to apply these in the future. We go to school, learn a trade, or attend the knowledge centers of our society: universities. After all, the piece of paper we receive shows what we’re capable of. Is it really? … Read more here

Blessed Beyond Measure: Tribute to my Grandmother

Oma Hendrikse I got to know well already at a young age. Not just because for a part of my childhood Opa and Oma lived right around the corner, but also because I used to see them every week in church. Oh, and yes, she also was my grandmother. … Read more here

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