Australia’s volcanic history is a lot more recent than you think

Australia is an old and stable continent with not many geological risks such as major earthquakesand volcanic eruptions. At least that is what most people think.

But throughout its geological history Australia has known volcanic activity… Read more here

Mt Gambier, Australia

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Curious Kids: Do most volcanologists die from getting too close to volcanoes?

Volcanoes show us a glimpse of what is deep in the Earth below. They also show us how powerful nature can be. Studying volcanoes is exciting, but can also be dangerous.

According to my calculations – based on a range of media reports and books – 31 volcanologists have died over the past 60 years while they were studying volcanoes… Read more here

Lava can reach temperatures as high as 1200˚C. Flickr/Zach Jackson, CC BY

Would an eruption in Melbourne really match Hawaii’s volcanoes? Here’s the evidence

Spectacular images of recent volcanic eruptions in Hawaii are a little disheartening – especially given news reports suggesting there is a sleeping volcano under Melbourne that could awaken and erupt at any moment.

Understanding the geological differences between Melbourne and Hawaii is really helpful in working out how we can keep an eye on future risks in Australia… Read more here

2020 – The Year in Volcanoes

2020, it certainly hasn’t been a year like many other. How did it fare when it comes to volcanic eruptions? As the news was dominated by many other topics, you could be forgiven for not knowing of any erupting volcanoes over the past year. So, here’s a summary for you… Read more here

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